About us

Primary school “Veljko Vlahović” opened its doors in 1969 and this year it is celebrating 54 years of existence. The school is located in Šangaj, a suburb on the outskirts of Novi Sad. From its beginnings to date , Šangaj has been a multicultural and multinational region.

For the longest time, the number of students has remained constant ranging from 135 to 150 students throughout the eight or ten grades.  Every class teacher has one department with an age range from 7-14 years.

 The school has been actively fighting for decades to reduce the levels of illiteracy, and to improve the percentage of involvement in the school system and regularity in attendance, which has been recognized as an area in need of improvement. We have been working intensively to prevent primary school students from dropping out of school since 2015 and since then there has not been one recorded case. We are also involved in the project „Prevention of Roma drop-outs from the education system“, supported by the European Commission, implemented by the Centre for Knowledge and Skills Production in Novi Sad in cooperation with the Centre for Social Work and Local Self-Government.


Our Erasmus + journey began in 2020 when we applied for our first project „School without Borders “. The goal of the project was to achieve positive discipline in and out of the classroom. We achieved project mobility and the dissemination phase in 2023. The mobility in the Spanish city of Pilar de la Horridada at the CEIP Mediterraneo school was attended by three teachers as well as the school principal, for whom this was a rich and useful experience. Most of the school’s teachers participated in the dissemination phase. The positive effects of this project are still visible today. In the 2023/2024 school year, we are writing the second project application, led by a great positive experience with the first realized Erasmus + project.